Seaport Logistics


We can take care of all of your upstream and downstream seaport-related requirements.

Our range of sea freight services includes:

  • FCL/LCL imports/exports
  • Customs clearance for imports/exports (free movement, fiscal clearance, bonded warehouse services)
  • Manual customs clearance (e.g. household effects when moving)
  • Acceptance letters and accompanying documents for your shipment (e.g. A18)
  • Organisation of onward carriage from the seaport by HGV, rail or ship
  • Handling of shipping company and agent documents (e.g. bills of lading)
  • Organisation and redirection of goods for presentation, inspection or X-ray by the relevant authorities (customs, plant protection office, veterinary authorities etc.), including all associated documentation
  • Notifications of presentation to customs for export (e.g. Z, B, S or BHT numbers)
  • Facilities for intermediate storage of dutiable goods and duty-free goods
  • Container packing, unpacking, repacking and distribution
  • NCTS import shipment forwarding as dutiable goods