History of Ursula Röder Zoll & Logistik GmbH


Foundation of Ursula Röder Zollabfertigung und Spedition GmbH on the former eastern borders of the European Union as a forwarding company with the purpose of arranging customs clearance for goods delivered predominantly from Poland, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Foundation of Ursula Roeder Spolka agencja celna spedycja in Gorzow, Poland.

Offices near the border crossings handle export declarations, start the delivery process and issue TIR carnet and transport documents for cargoes heading east.

Completion of a warehouse with high-bay racks in Oftersheim, Germany.

Construction of a tax warehouse for spirits in Oftersheim.

EU expansion on 1st May results in closure of most of the border offices. Development of storage and logistics operations.

Foundation of the Hamburg subsidiary to handle goods arriving through seaports using the ATLAS IT procedure. Import declarations as a fiscal representative.

Broad range of other port-related services on offer, such as unloading and reloading containers, presentation for examination by customs and storage in bonded warehouses or warehouses for goods in free circulation. Subsequent carriage of containers by rail or HGV.

First orders to and from Scandinavia as part of project-related business. Support and supply services to large construction sites in Norway. Transportation incl. heavy loads, ferry bookings, arranging transport permits, full customs handling and clearance.

Transportation of wide and heavy construction machinery loads using RO/RO loading along the Danube to M6 motorway construction site approximately 130 km south of Budapest.

Development of a service package for storage and handling operations at the port of Hamburg, ahead of the abolition of the free port of Hamburg on 1st January 2013.

Company gains AEO status – Authorised Economic Operator.